For established clients only, Dr. Wilhelm provides after-hours emergency care. Please call the office at (607) 748-7848 and follow the instructions for contacting Dr. Wilhelm outside of regular office hours. If you are not sure if your situation is an emergency, Dr. Wilhelm will help you decide if your pet needs immediate attention.

We have experienced a dramatic increase in new clients seeking our services due to the coronavirus pandemic and limited hours of service at many local veterinary hospitals. Unfortunately, due to limited staff, we are not currently accepting new clients on an emergency or long-term basis. We urge you to contact your veterinarian now to find out their policy in case they are unavailable when you have an emergency. If we do decide to see your pet, we reserve the right to require a deposit before scheduling an appointment.

Typical emergencies include but are not limited to:
Trouble breathing
Vehicular accidents
Extensive or unstoppable bleeding
Broken limbs
Accidental poisoning
Ingestion of a foreign object

Please contact us at (607) 748 7848 if your pet is in need of emergency services.